Why Must Sunglasses Have Polarizing Lenses?

When it comes to sunglasses, people think of them as mere accessories that are used to make a fashion statement. This is not very far from the truth as evident from all the ads for sunglasses.

However, in the hubbub of sunglasses as a must have accessory, people forget that sunglasses were originally invented as practical way of avoiding the sun’s glare. For many doctors, sunglasses are the easiest way of protecting the eyes from the damage of UV component of sunlight.

Sunlight consists of three major components. What our eyes see is the middle portion of the output of the sun, the colors of the rainbow. This visible spectrum is essential for our process of sight. Infrared or IR is the component that occurs above the red part of visible spectrum. Ultra violet or UV is the part that occurs below the violet part of visible spectrum.

While IR does damage the skin and has been called out as a factor in the damage that the sun does to the skin, it is less harmful to the eyes. IR is often filtered out by the ozone layer so it does not reach us in sufficient amounts to do any real damage. UV, on the other hand, is not filtered and causes damage to the eyes.

The problem with UV exposure is that the damage is slow and gradual. To make matters worse, the damage is irreversible and thus causes great and permanent damage to the eyes.

The only way to prevent this damage is to use polarized lenses in sunglasses. The good news is that top quality sunglasses such as suncloud glasses already have these lenses as standard across their product line.

People opt for polarized lenses because of three important reasons.

The first one is the reducing in glare of the sun. This protection is essential as it is mainly caused by UV and visible spectrum light striking retina. This polarized lenses act as automatic stutters for the eyes. As soon as the level of light increases beyond certain limit, these lenses kick in and reduce the amount of light that passes through them.

An important outcome of this automatic action is the reduction in strain on the eyes. This sis the second benefit of polarized lenses. The glare of the sun causes the muscles surrounding the eyeball to work on reducing the amount of light hitting the retina. This constant flexing and contracting puts a lot of stress on these muscles and the result is eyestrain that eventually wears out the eyes.

Finally, polarized lenses allow people to safely work in areas with a high volume of reflected light. This is a common condition in areas with snow, near any body of water. Even in urban areas with a lot of glass fronted buildings, polarized lenses are a huge help in protecting the eyes.

When buying sunglasses, it is important to opt for top quality brands to make sure that the lenses are polarized for maximum protection for the eyes.

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